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Parents are requested to note that this is not an Admission Form, nor does the submission of this form entitle any child to admission to the school

A. Please keep the following documents ready for uploading in pdf or jpeg format.
1. Student Photo
2. Birth Certificate
3. Residence Proof
4. Previous School Report Card
B. Please avoid Inactivity/ Idle Session of the registration window for longer time to avoid any Form Submission/Payment Failure.

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(Please mention the correct date of birth, supported by relevant document. No further changes will be acceptable by school, after admission)

Date format should be dd-MMM-yyyy   (ex. 01-Jan-2021)

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Personality of the child


Please note the following:
One scan copy of the birth certificate issued by the concerned government Authority :       *

Proof of Residence - Photocopy of Electoral card/Passport/Driving License/Aadhar card of Parent:*

Scan Copy of Previous School Last Report Card (For admission in Class II and above only):*

Please note the following:

1. This form must be accompanied by:
a) One photocopy of the original Birth Certificate issued by concerned Government Authori-ty.
b) Proof of Residence - Photocopy of Electoral card/ Passport/ Driving License/ Aadhar card of Parent.
c) Photocopy of Previous School Last Report Card (For admission to Class II and above only).
d) Original T/C from the previous School (For admission to Class II and over only).
2. An incomplete Registration form or a form without the supportive documents will not be processed.
3. Both parents (as applicable) must accompany the child when called for an interaction.
4. Any intervention in the normal admission protocol or citation of references will lead to disqualification of the application.
5. Registration fee of Rs. 1000/- and the registration once completed for a particular year is not transferable to any other year or to any other child.
6. Admission to classes from Aarambh (Nursery) to Nirmaan (class I) are through random selection.
7. All bus routes / stoppages would be at the discretion of the School authorities.
8. All risk associated related to the transport is on account of the parents.

do hereby solemny affirm and undertake that

We/ I have submitted this application form for our/ my son/ daughter/ ward with full understanding to seek admission to the The Sanskaar Valley School, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh.

shall hold myself responsible for payment of all his/her fees and other charges during his/her stay at the school and any pending dues, penalties, etc. Also, I shall myself be responsible for any sort of liability arising and any civil or criminal case file against our/ my son/ daughter/ ward during the course of study at The Sanskaar Valley School, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh.

absence (travel/medically indisposed/death, etc.), the above said responsibilities will be taken over by


  • We/ I understand and agree that the registration of our/my son/daughter/ward does not guarantee admission to the school and that the registration fee is neither transferable nor refundable.
  • We/ I agree to comply with the regulations of the School including those relating to the charging of interest/ late fee on unpaid bills/, suspension/withdrawal of student for reasons,including on non-payment of fees as per school schedule and the assessment of fees for less that 90 days notice of a student's withdrwal or for the late arrival of a student.
  • We/ I understand and agree that under no circumstances the fees paid to the school will be refunded if a students withdrwas admission for any reason.
  • We/ I understand and agree that any changes in the fee structure and curriculum from time to time will be at the management,s discretion.
  • We/ I understand and agree that a minimum of 90% of attendance is compulsory for promoting the child to the next higher grade.
  • All the information provided concerning our/my child is true to the best of our/my knowledge.
  • We/ I understand that the legal custody of the child will remain with both the biological parents who are alive/adoptive parent(s) or with the Legal Guardian(in case biological parents are not alive), unless ordered by the legal authorities otherwise, in writing.
  • "We hereby undertake to indemnify The Sanskaar Valley School against all rights and claims by myself, my dependents, next or kin or other legeal representatives for compensation for damages or disabilty arising out of personal injury or death due to any reason during the course of his/her study in the The Sanskaar Valley School, Bhoapl , Madhya Pradesh , including of sports & activities, industrial visits, training, tours, conduct of practical , working in laboratories or workshops, stay in hostel, travelling in the transport or otherwise, sickness, accident, death caused to our/ my son/ daughter/ward on account of any mishappening that may be caused inadvertently to our/my son/daughter/ward."
  • We do hereby permit the school to provide first-aid treatment/ medication in case of any illness/ injury arising in school. We agree to intimate the school in case the child is suffering from any contagious illness or shows symptooms suggetive of any infectious disease.
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